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Mixing and Mastering at Mastermind.

We spend a lot of time and money recording and sometimes mixing becomes an afterthought. Mixing is an art that requires not only “ears” but creative talent as well. So much can be won or lost in the mixing process. Let us mix your next project and see what a difference some love and care can make in the final outcome of your recordings. Doug has over 20 years of mixing experience.



For over 20 years Mastermind and Heavy-Hitter productions have been involved in producing records for major label recording artists, TV and film (directly or indirectly) as well as hundreds of independent records. Nashville is a gold mine when it comes to musicianship and artistry. Nowhere in the world can match the level of professional production and recording that be achieved in Nashville, Tennessee. You are in good hands from start to finish with your next project whether large or small.

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